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Over hundreds of campaigns, we've developed systems that deliver results.  

But we never stop growing.  Every project we tackle is a new opportunity to learn more and refine our trade.

Quality Control

Quality Control is the framework around which our voter contact programs are designed.  We employ dozens of tactics to identify strengths and weaknesses, maintain the highest standards, eliminate waste and excesses, and refine communication to deliver the most optimized message for any given project.

Recruitment and Management

Quality begins with hiring. We recruit directly from the communities where we work, matching voters with canvassers they know and assigning them a region of focus to build trust. Through the highest performance standards, competitive wages, and opportunities for growth within our organization, we develop and retain only the best staff, cultivating a highly-trained body to deliver our clients' message.

Practice and Evaluation

Training begins the day our canvassers are hired and continues to the last day of the campaign. Our canvassers train every day before they hit the field and are tested on message comprehension regularly. Our battle-hardened training system teaches our canvassers the issues - not script-memorization - ensuring our team can engage in meaningful conversations with voters.

Review and Refinement

We develop layers of voter contact to ensure every conversation with a voter meets our standards of excellence. Using a multitude of tactics for daily performance review, we identify weak points within our organization and make adjustments before problems arise. This process allows us to constantly shed excesses within our system and build programs that ensure the absolute highest quality.

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Designing Systems to Meet your Needs

There's no one-size-fits-all approach in campaigning. Your campaign and your message are unique, and so is your data. We design reporting and analytical systems to meet your specific needs and give you the most accurate snapshot of your message’s effect.

Real Time Reports and Daily Updates

Understanding what’s happening in the field gives you the tools to make crucial, time-sensitive decisions that every campaign is faced with.  We conduct ongoing reporting that details micro-level detail analysis and tracks trends across the electorate.  This allows our clients to see major turning points in campaigns days or weeks in advance, and make the necessary adjustments to prepare for them.

Targeting and Micro-Analysis

We track voter behavior, support, opposition, even flip-flopping, across dozens of different categories and attributes of demographics. Using geography, ethnicity, religion, income, consumer data, etc., we examine data to identify opportunities with broad populations and niche voting groups, creating courses of action, and mapping out paths to victory.

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Intake Technology

We work with a variety of partners to use the best technology available to collect and track incoming data. Our canvassers are armed with tablets and smart phones giving us instant access to voter responses and streamlining our analyses so you stay up to date on every move in the field.

Tracking and Reporting Systems

We design our own tracking systems, giving us a bird's eye view of data and allowing us to make quick decisions based on all the information we have gathered. Whether it's a management choice or a messaging tweak, the tools we build keep your whole team a step ahead of your competition.

Measuring Change and Counting Votes

Tracking voter trends and behavior over time shines a light on the trajectory of the race. We create systems to track every contact our canvassers have with voters and analyze trends among demographics. Once ballots start being cast, we have accurate projections on the status of the race.

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